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Weber... a timeless classic since 1852

From the late 19th century until the mid-20th century, Weber pianos reached the height of their worldwide fame, becoming increasingly popular in Europe, where it became the official piano of many of Europe’s Royal Families, and was bestowed with its unique royal symbol, and earned its nickname “the piano of the royal family.

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During the late 19th century the world—class pianist and composer, lgnacy Paderewski (1860 — 1941) performed exclusively on the Weber grand piano ensuring its popularity among many leading musicians of the time. Born in Poland Paderewski was later to become Poland’s first prime minister. Additionally the world famous pianist Moritz Rosenthal (1862 — 1946) who was the disciple of Franz Liszt (1811-1886) and the master of Jorge Bolet used the Weber grand piano for the composition of such famous compositions as Papillons (Butterflies), and toured exclusively with a Weber piano throughout the United States.

Additionally, Pope Pius X (Pope Pius X 1835— 1914) purchased the Parlor Grand Weber piano for personal use at the holy apostolic palace and it was used for a long period of time. After this, Pope Pius XI (Pope Pius XI 1857— 1939) designated the Weber Piano as the official Vatican piano.

Following the adoption of these pianos by Pope Pius X and Pope Pius XI, Weber piano gained more recognition throughout Europe. In fact, Weber piano was selected as the official piano of the royal family in England, Wales, France, Italy, Belgium, and Sweden.

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MODEL AW-185STYLE Conservatory Artist GrandSIZE 6’1″FINISHPolish Finish EbonySatin Finish Ebony



MODEL W-121ESTYLE Professional UprightSIZE 48″FINISHPolish Finish Ebony with Chrome



MODEL AW-131STYLE Professional uprightSIZE 52″FINISH Polish Finish EbonySatin Finish Ebony



MODEL AW-208STYLE Semi Concert GrandSIZE 6’10″FINISHPolish Finish EbonySatin Finish Ebony



MODEL AW-228STYLE Semi Concert GrandSIZE 7’6″FINISHPolish Finish EbonySatin Finish Ebony



MODEL AW-275STYLE Full Concert GrandSIZE 9’0″FINISHPolish Finish Ebony



MODEL AW-121STYLE Professional uprightSIZE 48 ”FINISHPolish Finish EbonySatin Finish Mahogany Brown



MODEL AW-121ESTYLE Professional UprightSIZE 48″FINISH Polish Finish Ebony with Chrome



MODEL W-150STYLE Baby GrandSIZE 4’11″FINISHPolish Finish Ebony, White, Mahogany Red, Mahogany Brown, WalnutSatin Finish Ebony



MODEL W-157STYLE Classic GrandSIZE 5’2″FINISHPolish Finish Ebony, Mahogany RedSatin Finish Ebony



MODEL W-175STYLE Professional GrandSIZE 5’9″FINISHPolish Finish EbonySatin Finish Ebony



MODEL W-185 
STYLE Professional GrandSIZE 6’1″FINISHPolish Finish Ebony Satin Finish Ebony



MODEL W-114STYLE Studio UprightSIZE 45 ”FINISHPolish Finish Ebony, White, Mahogany Red, Mahogany Brown, WalnutSatin Finish Ebony



MODEL W-114FSTYLE Designer ConsoleSIZE 45 ”FINISH
Satin Finish Traditional Mahogany, French Cherry



STYLE Professional Upright
SIZE 52”
Satin Finish Ebony Polish, Ebony Satin, Mahogany Brown Polish