Project Description

Based on the AP-620, the top-of-the-line piano in the CELVIANO series, the AP-6 has been beautifully finished in a black polish even more befitting a grand piano. Equipped with a high-output amplifier and four 2-way speakers, a damper pedal with continuous half-pedal operation, 250 various instrument tones, and an SD memory card slot, the AP-6 inherits the high specs of the AP-620 flagship model.

The top model in the CELVIANO range boasts brilliant sound, high-quality workmanship and excellent design. The AP6 is ideal for advanced playing techniques and offers players an extensive automatic accompaniment feature. Even a simple piano piece sounds special on this instrument. Just listen to the difference! Additional features of this modern top-of-the-range piano include registration memory, 17-track sequencer and rhythm editor. The loving attention to detail is reflected in the ivory effect keyboard surface.

PX-500_HandPers-3, 06.10.13, 0:37 PM, 8C, 4394x5672 (581+719), 88%, straight 6 sto, 1/12 s, R73.2, G60.2, B88.7

AP-620_L, 09.3.4, 4:51 PM, 8C, 4866x3948 (276+1579), 88%, straight 6 sto, 1/10 s, R73.0, G58.4, B87.4

AP-260_PLY, 09.3.2, 7:06 PM, 8C, 4906x3878 (232+1463), 88%, straight 6 sto, 1/15 s, R72.9, G58.1, B87.2

AP-630_S_R, 09.3.2, 10:04 AM, 8C, 4870x3948 (216+1743), 88%, straight 6 sto, 1/10 s, R73.2, G58.3, B86.7