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We have been restoring, rebuilding, and refinishing pianos for a long time. Our process is detailed and effective. In order to guarantee a perfect restoration, we use methods that have been used for decades. Our team of piano restoration specialists will meticulously restore your piano back to original showroom condition. Once the piano restoration is complete, the piano will be delivered back to you, tuned and hopefully cherished for decades to come.

We can provide full or partial piano restoration, piano rebuilding and piano refinishing. In home estimates are complimentary.

Piano enthusiasts know that the new pianos of today cannot compare with the sound, build quality, and materials of a classic or antique piano from the turn of the century or mid 1900s. The wood is different, the craftsmanship is different, the quality is different. Hand-made meant made by hand in a factory of skilled craftsmen.

We follow the same system – every grand, baby grand, upright, and player piano is rebuilt from the ground up. We address every single component of the piano.

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